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Paula and Peter's Glitter Tattoos -  You're never too young or too old to have a glitter tattoo!
Pink poster - fairies, seahorses, butterflies, unicorns, dragons and many moreThe Haunted Set - get ready for Halloween! Vampire teeth, pumpkins, skulls, spiders, devil heart and much more

Purple sparkle
Purple sparkle
spongebob, mickey mouse, mini mouse, unicorns, superman, batman and many more

Waterpark Set: turtles, dolphins, sharks, crabs, whales and many more

Red glitter - this is fantastic for a lips tattoo, or hearts!

Cat tattooClassic 1 Photographic Display: butterflies, peace sign, stars, roses,shooting stars, dragonfly, chinese phrases, dolphins and many more
SparkBOLDP-2: dolphins, tribals and many moreGreen glitter - great for any tattooBold butterfly 01Aquamarine glitterClassic 2 poster: paw prints, lips, fairies, ladybugs, stars, I love dogs and many moreGold glitterTurquoise poster: Cats, geckos, star heart, arm bands and moreGrape glitter is perfect for flowers, fairies, butterflies and moreGlitter tattoo poster red: lips, butterfly, ballerina, princess and morePink Sparkle glitter is great for any tattooGlam set 1: horseshoe, paw print, hibiscus, cherries, anchor, cupid, 4 leaf clover and more


We have hundreds of tattoos and over 30 glitter colors

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