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Welcome to Paula and Peter's Glitter Tattoos, Chatham, NJ.  We are focused on providing high-quality home or venue service.  Our goal is customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your glitter tattoo expectations.  We can do small or large themed parties and we set up and clean up so that you can focus on enjoying your party.  Our tattoos last 5-7 days and are waterproof for fun in the sun.
With a variety of tattoos to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. If you have another theme in mind let us know. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Give your little princess a party complete with princess tattoos.  We have different types of princess themed tattoos to choose from.  We also have several different types of fairies, puppies, kittens, unicorns, the word "Princess", the word "Diva", flowers, hearts, crowns, ladybugs, angels, doves with hearts, rainbow clouds, penguins, ice cream cones, tinker bell, dragonflies, Hello Kitty, kissing fairy, teddy bears, paw prints, music notes, kitten face, horses, monkeys, stars and many more. 

Make your teen's special day cool with glitter tattoos.  We have teen themed tattoos which are cool for teens, for both boys and girls.  We have heart tattoos, lips, shoes, hearts with locks, KISS logo, locks with keys, chinese symbols, New York Jets and Giants logo, Pac Man, the words "bite me!", flaming 8ball, native feather, python, tribal sun, sports, Eclipse logo, softball, Ace of spades, Betty Boop, Darth Vader, Guitar Hero logo, barbed wire armband, skateboarder,  Van Halen logo, cougars, peace signs, dragons, yin yangs, footprints, handprints, the word "princess", the word "diva", the word "rock" with a guitar, guitars, the words "why so serious?", all types of flowers, butterflies, winged guitar, USA, devil hearts, tribals, eyes, rolling stones lips/mouth logo, the word "hottie", high heels, crosses, tribal flames and many more.
Add a little splash and shimmer to your pool party with glitter tattoos.  They are waterproof!   We have dolphins, turtles, sharks, seashells, whales, stars, footprints, handprints, shooting stars, American flags, soccer balls, soccer logos, footballs, chinese symbols, peace signs, penguins, octopus, seahorses, crocodiles, seals, frogs, sword fish, crabs, hippos, stingrays, clown fish, geckos and many more.

Call Paula at 973-722-2003 for your next Glitter Tattoo pool party before the summer ends! 

We can do Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter.  We can also do any other holiday party upon request.

We have all sorts of guitar tattoos, band logos, tribals and anything else upon request.

Football, Baseball, Softball, Soccer and anything else upon request.
Why not explore your dark side with a Goth party. I have lots of tribal tattoos to choose from.  Tribal suns, crosses, skulls, skulls with crossbones, skulls with flames, bats, tribal arm bands, celtic cross, Darth Vader, python, dragons, tribal dragon, ace of spades, barbed wire armband, spiders and many more.  I carry black, pewter and silver glitter.

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